E-Learning Certifications and Training

Welcome to the C-Brace® online basic course for experts! This certification consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is completed online in the form of video modules. The practical part will be accompanied by your local Ottobock C-Brace Trainer. Finally, the trainer will check your knowledge in a brief test. After successfully passing the test, you will receive the “C-Brace® Expert” certificate. From then on you are authorized to perform C-Brace® fittings on users (patients).
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C-Leg Online Refresher Training Course Link
C-Leg 3 Certification Course Link
C-Leg 4
This online course provides you with an overview of the C-Leg 4. You will know more about the components, how to align and adjust C-Leg 4 with C-Soft Plus and the user-relevant features of C-Leg 4.
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Conventional Locked KAFOs and Dynamic Response AFOs Online Training
After successfully completing this training, you will understand:
  • When to select conventional locked KAFOs over Stance Control KAFOs.
  • Lamination as a material for KAFO construction. Why it is superior to thermoplastic construction and how the patient achieves a better outcome.
  • The necessity of safe knee function and data that illustrates falls by locked KAFO users, the cause of the falls, the effects of the falls, and why the E-MAG Control addresses the causes of falls.
  • Dynamic Response AFO (Carbon Ankle Seven). Why this changes the standard orthotic treatment modality for patients without plantar flexors. Discusses gait lab data gathered on gait deviations present in patients without plantar flexors and how Dynamic Response AFOs address these deviations.
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Empower Certification Course Link
Empower Refresher Course
This online course is targeted at clinicians that are Empower certified.
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E-Mag Active
This online module provides an overview of the product characteristics and functions of E-Mag Active System knee Joint. You will also learn more about indications and benefits for the user.
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Genium and Genium X3 Certification Course Link
Harmony P4 Essentials Course Course Link
Helix 3D Essentials Online Training Course Link
Kenevo Certification
In this online course you will know more about the special features and the target group of the Kenevo, about the basic functions and activity modes and about how the Kenevo has to be assembled and fitted. You will furthermore know more how to use K-Soft and how to train users.
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Kenevo Online Refresher Course Course Link
Meridium Online Training Course Link
Michelangelo Hand
This online course provides you with an overview of the Axon-Bus prosthetic system with the Michelangelo Hand. You will learn about the special features of the system, its components and functions.
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After completing this online course, you are familiar with the fundamentals and components of the MyoBock system. You will know more about myosignals and how they work.
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Stance Control Orthoses Online Training
After successfully completing this training, you will understand,Different types of stance control orthoses (SCOs) and the appropriate clinical presentation for SCOs.
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