Would you like to learn about a treatment method or an Ottobock product? We offer you a variety of courses, which you can complete online any time.

The Michelangelo Hand with Axon-Bus system components
approx. 15 min course details
Winning Combination
decision criteria for application recommendations
approx. 1 h course details
Clinical Studies
Instruments and terminologies in clinical research
approx. 1,5 h course details
Features, mode of action and user benefits of Dyneva
approx. 40 min course details
E-Mag Active
Product characteristics and functions of E-Mag Active System knee Joint
approx. 10 min course details
Triton smart ankle
Setup & adjustment with Galileo™ app
approx. 20 min course details
3R60 EBS
Indications, design and functions of the polycentric knee joint
approx. 15 min course details
3R60 vacuum
Characteristics, use and recommended combination of the 3R60 vaccum
approx. 20 min course details