12K12 MovolinoArm Friction

Der Ellbogen MovolinoArm Friction 12K12 ist eine Armprothese für Kinder im Alter von drei bis fünf Jahren.
Reference number 12K12
Functional Principle Body Powered,
Myo Electrics,
Elbow joint for children

The MovolinoArm Friction elbow joint for children is suitable for right and left side fittings on young children aged three to five years. The length can be easily adjusted by shortening the forearm during installation of the elbow joint.

  • The prosthesis has a natural shape and appearance.
  • The MyoEnergy Integral battery system is easy to install in the crook of the arm, while the electrical cables are unobtrusively routed inside the forearm.
  • Various fitting options are available for the arm prostheses for children: The hand adapter of the 12K12 MovolinoArm Friction can be combined with the Electrohand 2000. The 10A40 wood adapter is available for passive prosthetic fittings. The 10V18=34 wrist joint is compatible with body-powered fittings.

Product information