8S500 AxonSkin Visual

Transluzenter PVC-Prothesenhandschuh für die Michelangelo Hand
Reference number 8S500
Material Multilayered PVC
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Protection for the Michelangelo Hand

The AxonSkin Visual prosthetic glove protects the Michelangelo Hand prosthesis against environmental influences such as dirt, dust and moisture. The transparency of the AxonSkin Visual glove offers a glimpse into the functionality of the Michelangelo Hand.

Further benefits at a glance:

  • Defined zones on the fingertips and palms enhance the gripping characteristics of the Michelangelo Hand prosthesis.
  • The glove’s special outer coating makes the prosthetic hand less susceptible to dirt and simplifies cleaning.

Product information

Colours 0 [translucent]
Material Multilayered PVC
Sides Left [L], right [R]
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Target group Unisex
Article number 8S500=*
Order example 8S500=L-M0
Size M
Compatible with Michelangelo Hand
Sleeve length 335 mm +10 mm


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