8S500 AxonSkin Black

PVC-Prothesenhandschuh für die Michelangelo in matt-schwarz
Reference number 8S500_Dup
Material Multilayered PVC
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Protection for the Michelangelo Hand

The PVC material of the AxonSkin Black supports the gripping properties of the prosthetic hand. Defined zones on the fingers and palm reinforce this effect for the user.

  • Neutral matt black colour.
  • The multilayered surface structure makes the glove robust.
  • The Michelangelo Hand is protected against dirt, dust and moisture.
  • The special outer coating is easy to clean.
  • A layer is applied to the inside of the glove, promoting interaction between the hand and AxonSkin.

Product information

Colours 20 [matte black]
Material Multilayered PVC
Sides Left [L], right [R]
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Target group Unisex
Article number 8S500=*
Order example 8S500=L-M20
Size M
Compatible with Michelangelo Hand
Sleeve length 335 mm +10 mm