8S4 Prosthetic glove for adolescents and men

Der Prothesenhandschuh für Jugendliche und Herren 8S4 schützt vor Schmutz, Staub und Feuchtigkeit. Form und Farbe sind an die Zielgruppe angepasst.
Reference number 8S4_Movo
Functional Principle Body Powered
Protective structure, near-natural appearance

Adolescents and men not only appreciate the Movo prosthetic glove for their hand prostheses as protection against environmental influences, but also due to its appearance that makes it suitable for everyday use. Different shapes and colours offer a variety of combination possibilities.

More benefits:

  • The glove is suitable for fittings with passive Ottobock system hands, voluntary opening hands and voluntary closing hands.
  • In addition to creating a highly natural appearance, it protects the prosthetic hand against dirt, dust and moisture.
  • The shape and colour are adapted to the target group.
  • The gloves are available in 18 different colours.
  • The special PVC material is particularly robust and durable.

Product information

Functional Principle Body Powered
Compatible with Voluntary opening hands, voluntary closing hands, passive system hands [Movo]

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