21A36 Below-elbow harness

Mit Halt und Kraft: Die Unterarm-Bandage 21A36 erleichtert das Tragen der Prothese. Die optimale Kraftleitung unterstützt fließend natürliche Bewegungsabläufe.
Reference number 21A36=1
Functional Principle Body Powered
For controlling body-powered prostheses

The user can execute flowing movements with the below-elbow harness. Unwanted slipping is prevented by the integrated guide. Controlling the prosthesis with residual limb and shoulder movements is straightforward and intuitive thanks to sensory feedback.

  • The below-elbow harness is comfortable to wear and provides optimum force transmission.
  • It is easy to care for thanks to exchangeable axilla pads and can be hand washed.
  • Thanks to the simple connecting elements, the harness position adapts itself quickly.
  • There is no need for elaborate sewing. 

Product information

Functional Principle Body Powered
Article number 21A36=1
Colour white
Wire material Nylon
Care Hand wash
Fitting type Body-powered prostheses
Fitting level Forearm

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