21A35 Triple-pull above-elbow harness

Oberarm-Dreizugbandage zur zusätzlichen Fixierung des Prothesenschaftes
Reference number 21A35=1
Functional Principle Body Powered,
Myo Electrics,
For controlling body-powered prostheses

The transhumeral prosthesis is easily controlled by means of residual limb and shoulder movements. Sensory feedback from the cable control mechanism allows the user to execute flowing movements. The integrated guide prevents the harness system from slipping unintentionally.

  • The upper arm harness is comfortable to wear and offers optimum force transmission.
  • Care is straightforward thanks to exchangeable axilla pads and cleaning by hand washing.
  • Thanks to the simple connecting elements, the harness position adapts itself optimally.
  • There is no need for sewing.

Product information

Application for Body-powered and hybrid prostheses
Functional Principle Body Powered,
Myo Electrics,
Article number 21A35=1
Colour white
Wire material Nylon
Care Hand wash

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