10V36 Ottobock wrist joint

Ottobock Handgelenk
Reference number 10V36
Functional Principle Body Powered
10V36 Wrist joint

The 10V36 wrist joint ensures that the terminal device stops where it should. It makes sure that the selected terminal device remains in different rotation positions during everyday use. This is due to the elastic deformation of the integrated rubber friction ring. The wrist joint connects gripping components to each other, such as the Ottobock voluntary opening system hand to the prosthetic socket.

Product information

Functional Principle Body Powered
Version Interior thread, cylindrical lamination ring
Thread 1/2–20 [inch]
Product versions

The 10V36 Ottobock wrist joint is available in three versions with different outer diameters.

Ottobock Handgelenk
Ottobock Handgelenk
Ottobock Handgelenk
Functional Principle Body Powered Body Powered Body Powered
Exterior diameter 34 mm 45 mm 50 mm
Overall height 30 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Weight 35  g 55  g 65  g

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