9S503 AxonRotation

Die AxonRotation ist die perfekte Ergänzung zur Michelangelo Hand
Reference number 9S503
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Active rotation of the Michelangelo Hand

The AxonRotation permits active pronation and supination of the Michelangelo Hand and the AxonHook, respectively by -160°/+160°.

  • Rotation assists the user with numerous bimanual activities at work and during leisure time.
  • Neutral position: Rotation turns to a natural hand position when the user relaxes the myosignal.
  • The combination of the AxonWrist, Michelangelo Hand and AxonRotation reduces the need for compensating movements to a minimum.

Product information

Technical data
Speed max. 25 rpm
Max. electric torque 1.5 Nm
Rotation range Pronation 160°, supination 160°
Functional Principle Myo Electrics

Videos on the AxonRotation

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