8K23 Voluntary opening system hand

System-Einzughand mit Stahlzug an der Handrückenseite und einem Zoll-Gewindeanschluss
Reference number 8K23
Functional Principle Body Powered
Gripping with one pull

The voluntary opening system hand makes gripping easier: The user opens the hand with one pull – it closes automatically and simultaneously locks.

  • The prosthesis wearer operates the gripping element with a steel cable mounted on the back of the hand.
  • The voluntary opening system hand includes an imperial threaded connector (1/2"–20").
  • It is suitable for all cable-controlled arm prostheses.

Product information

Type of cable Voluntary opening
Threaded connector 1/2"–20 [inch]
Cable material Steel
Cable position Outside
Side Left, right
Functional Principle Body Powered

Please see here for our information materials for the voluntary opening system hand.

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