8E600 AxonHook

The AxonHook is a high-performance, robust terminal device.
Reference number 8E600
The power tool amongst hand prostheses

Combining a sturdy construction with intelligent technology, the AxonHook offers versatile applications – from manual tasks at work to household chores. It can hold numerous everyday items and also grip delicate components. Users especially value the AxonHook as a versatile and functional complement to the existing Michelangelo Hand.

  • The two hook tips provide a high gripping force.
  • Thanks to the functional, slim design, the field of view is clear while grasping.
  • The flexible wrist joint reduces compensating movements to a minimum.

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Polyurethane coating

The rubbery, durable coating helps with handling small objects and complex shapes.

A movable hook finger

A moveable hook finger makes it easier for the user to position the hook.

Robust hook tips

Lightweight hook tips made of titanium for powerful gripping

Flexible wrist joint

The user can choose between flexible and rigid mode with the lock button. Compensating movements can be reduced to a minimum in flexible mode.

Automatic neutral position

Soft or fragile objects can be carefully grasped by relaxing the muscle signal. The hook automatically moves to the neutral position.

Product information

Structural height 180 mm / 7.09 inch [same height as the Michelangelo Hand]
Coating Polyurethane
Weight 400 g / 14.10 oz
Opening width 130 mm / 5.12 inch
Gripping force [at the hook tips] 110 N
Min. closing speed 10 sec.
Max. closing speed 0.75 sec.
Product information

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