8E500 Michelangelo Hand

Michelangelo Hand
Reference number 8E500
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
A natural grip with Michelangelo

The Michelangelo Hand features complex, high-end gripping kinematics. It is also lightweight and the user can control the prosthetic hand intuitively. The Michelangelo Hand therefore comes very close to the human hand. 

  • Actively driven components are the thumb, index finger and middle finger. The ring finger and little finger of the prosthetic hand automatically follow the movements.
  • The flexible wrist joint and active rotation (9S503 AxonRotation) reduce unnatural compensating body movements.
  • Thanks to the automatic neutral position, the user always begins from the same place.
  • The thumb of the bionic hand can be positioned to let the prosthesis wearer choose from seven hand positions.
  • The arm prosthesis can be individually adjusted to the user with the AxonSoft software.

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Product information

Technical data

Technical details for the Michelangelo Hand at a glance:

Operating temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Weight 520  g with AxonWrist, without AxonSkin
Operating voltage 11.1 V
Opening width 120 mm
Speed approx. 325  mm/s
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Gripping force in Opposition Mode approx. 70 N
Gripping force in Lateral Mode approx. 60 N
Gripping force in Neutral Mode approx. 15 N
Product information

Please see our brochure for further information on the Michelangelo Hand.

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