8E41=8 SensorHand Speed

Reference number 8E41=8
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
For speed and precision

Life is speeding up and the SensorHand Speed helps the user keep everything under control. It opens and closes more than twice as fast as other electric hands. The user can control it easily and precisely.

  • Signal processing is modified by the new, intelligent software.
  • The unique grip stabilisation system with SUVA sensors prevents objects from inadvertently slipping out of the hand or being dropped.
  • Customers can select from different control options using one or two electrodes.
  • The 8E41=8 system electric hand is equipped with a threaded stud.

Product information

Technical data
Connection Threaded stud
Operating voltage 6/7.2 V
Opening width 100 mm
Weight [with inner hand] 460 g
Proportional gripping force 0–approx. 100 N
Proportional gripping speed 15–300 mm/s
Functional Principle Myo Electrics