8E33=9 DMC VariPlus system electric Greifer

Reference number 8E33=9
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
For manual work

The 8E33=9 electric Greifer expands the range of applications of the MyoBock system at work and for specific tasks. Whether a firm grip or delicate grasping is required, the DMC VariPlus system electric Greifer lets the user proceed precisely in numerous fields of application. Benefits at a glance:

  • Advantageous for heavy and manual labour, and everywhere precise gripping is required.
  • The quick-disconnect wrist unit makes it easy to switch between the system electric hand and system electric Greifer.
  • The Greifer can be deflected in both directions by about 45° via a joint, so that unnatural compensating movements through the shoulder girdle are largely avoided.
  • Various gripping tips which can be optionally selected (wide, narrow, with/without rubber coating) permit individual adaptation to the respective activity.

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Adjustable gripping tips

The rubber-coated metal tips can be secured in various positions +/- 60°.

Safety lever

The safety lever is used to release the Greifer.


The dial is used for manual operation of the Greifer.

Flexion joint

The flexion joint can be bent 45° in both directions.

Product information

Operating temperature 0–70 °C
Weight 540  g
Opening width 95 mm
Operating voltage: 6/7.2 V
Proportional speed 8–200 mm/sec
Proportional gripping force 0–160 N
Functional Principle Myo Electrics