757B35 MyoEnergy Integral

Der MyoEngery Integral besteht aus zwei Akkuzellen, einer Ladebuchse, einem Kommunikationskabel und einem Versorgungskabel.
Reference number 757B35
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
The power supply system for integration

Energy supplier for arm prostheses: The MyoEnergy Integral is an integrated power supply system made up of several components. Small and large users alike receive the power they need for their prosthesis, allowing them to act quickly and independently. Benefits at a glance:

  • The charging receptacle has contacts for the battery and indicates the current charge level.
  • It is also used for turning the prosthesis on and off, and to open it in an emergency.
  • The communication cable with a 3-pin receptacle is used for the exchange of data.
  • The supply cable establishes the connection between the battery and the respective prosthetic component.
  • The battery consists of two cells with different capacities.
  • The MyoEnergy Integral can be used for adult as well as children’s fittings.

Product information

Technical data
Output voltage approx. 7.4 V
Charging time approx. 2.5 h
Functional Principle Myo Electrics

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