13E500 AxonMaster

Der AxonMaster empfängt und verarbeitet Steuersignale vom Anwender.
Reference number 13E500
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
The central control unit

The AxonMaster serves as the central control unit of the Axon-Bus system and is connected directly to the AxonEnergy Integral. Benefits at a glance:

  • The system receives and processes the control signals from the user.
  • The prosthesis wearer can control hand movements with the help of the AxonMaster.
  • Switching between the prosthetic components is fast and reliable

Product information

Operating temperature 0°C to +60 °C
Weight 15  g
Operating voltage 11.1 V
Dimensions 53*28*9 mm
Power supply AxonEnergy Integral
Functional Principle Myo Electrics