10S17 Electric wrist rotator

Der Elektro-Dreheinsatz ist ein schwarz und zylindrisch und steuert die Pro- und Supination der System-Elektrohand bzw. des System-Elektrogreifer mit Handgelenkverschluss.
Reference number 10S17
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
For rotation of more than 360°

The electric wrist rotator is intended exclusively for use in upper limb prostheses. It controls the pronation and supination of the system electric hand and system electric Greifer with quick-disconnect wrist unit. Rotation of more than 360° is possible. Key features at a glance:

  • The electric wrist rotator can be used in combination with the 13E205 MyoRotronic.
  • In case of insufficient muscle tension, it can also be controlled with the 9X14 harness pull switch, 9X18 cable pull switch or 9X25 rocker switch.

Product information

Technical data
Weight 96  g
Operating voltage 6/7.2 V
Angle of rotation 360°
No-load current approx. 150 mA
Idle speed 13.5 rpm
Functional Principle Myo Electrics

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