12S6 MovoShoulder Swing

Das MovoShoulder Swing 12S6 ist ein Schultergelenk zur exoprothetischen Versorgung der oberen Extremität.
Reference number 12S6
Functional Principle Myo Electrics,
For fittings in the shoulder region

The MovoShoulder Swing makes smooth and highly natural movements possible, even for bilateral amputees.

  • Free swing of up to 40°.
  • Reduced pressure of the prosthetic socket.
  • Locking at 30° anteversion and unlocking is controlled by specific upper body movements or with the sound hand.
  • Abduction of up to 20° facilitates more comfortable movement patterns for the user during many activities of daily living, especially for tasks close to the body and while sitting.



Product information

Anteversion, locked 30°
Overall length 230 mm
Weight 242  g
Sides Left, right
Max. abduction 20°
Max. anteversion in free swing 28°
Max. retroversion in free swing 12°
Functional Principle Myo Electrics,

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