12K501 AxonArm Ergo

A passive elbow component with electronic lock for the Michelangelo Hand and AxonHook.
Reference number 12K501
Functional Principle Myo Electrics,
Elbow component with electronic lock

As a passive elbow component with electronic lock, the AxonArm Ergo is suitable for users wearing a hybrid prosthesis with the Axon-Bus system.

The advantages:

  • The user releases and locks the elbow with an electronic elbow lock using myoelectric signals.
  • The integrated AxonEnergy Integral is a reliable source of electricity.
  • Up to three electrodes can be connected with the AxonMaster, which is plugged into the elbow ball.
  • Cables are discreetly routed inside the prosthesis. This not only reduces the risk of broken cables but also improves the appearance.

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AxonEnergy Integral

The integrated battery provides power to the prosthetic components.

Easy Plug

Electronic through connection

Electronic ratchetless lock

The elbow joint is locked and unlocked using myoelectric signals.

Product information