12K50 ErgoArm Electronic plus

Die Armprothese ErgoArm Electronic plus 12K50 verfügt über eine elektronische Sperre.
Reference number 12K50
Elbow with electronic and manual lock

The ErgoArm Electronic plus is suitable for use with myoelectric prosthetic hands. The user can unlock and lock the elbow with myoelectric signals picked up by electrodes.

  • The internal, continuously adjustable electronic lock is locked and unlocked by myoelectric signals or manually by means of a switch.
  • With the 757T13 MyoSelect, the user can load various programs for individual adaptation of locking control.
  • Seven switching modes are available.

Product information

Weight approx. 680–710 g
Forearm circumference approx. 260 mm
Forearm length 305 mm

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