12K44 ErgoArm Hybrid plus

ErgoArm Hybrid plus 12K44 mit Easy Plug
Reference number 12K44
Functional Principle Body Powered,
Myo Electrics
Elbow joint with no visible cable

In addition to the functions of the ErgoArm plus, the ErgoArm Hybrid plus features Easy Plug integrated internal wiring. This elbow component is especially suitable for use in hybrid prostheses with a myoelectric hand and with an elbow joint lock operated using a body harness.

  • The electrode and battery cables are simply connected to the elbow ball.
  • Cables are concealed inside the prosthesis, so the risk of broken cables is low.
  • The slip-stop function allows the user to control the forearm in a controlled manner.

Product information

Weight 670–700 g
Forearm circumference approx. 260 mm
Forearm length 305 mm
Functional Principle Body Powered,
Myo Electrics

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