12K110N DynamicArm Plus

Das Ellbogengelenk DynamicArm Plus 12K110N für Oberarmamputierte wird mit Muskelsignalen gesteuert.
Reference number 12K110N
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
For users with more than two myosignals

The DynamicArm Plus allows the user to actively participate in life again after a transhumeral amputation. Grasping and holding objects, being active – all with virtually natural and flowing movement patterns.

  • The DynamicArm Plus has the same characteristics as the DynamicArm, which is operated with an electric motor and controlled using muscle signals. In addition, it can also process up to eight input signals.
  • Control with up to six MyoBock electrodes and up to two switches.
  • The elbow prosthesis delivers a high lifting and holding force.
  • Natural, delicate control with quick, precise positioning.
  • The DynamicArm Plus generates no background noise during free swing.
  • The free swing behaviour appears natural.

Product information

Operating temperature 5 °C–40 °C
Flexion angle approx. 15° – 145°
Weight [dependent on forearm length] approx. 1,000 g
Charging temperature > 0 °C
Storage and transport temperature in original packaging -25 °C–70 °C
Maximum lifting force 50 N
Power supply Li-Ion battery
Functional Principle Myo Electrics

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