12K100N DynamicArm

Der DynamicArm 12K100N ist ein myoelektrisch gesteuertes und elektromotorisch angetriebenes\nEllenbogengelenk mit hoher Hebe- und Haltekraft.
Reference number 12K100N
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Electronically controlled, active elbow

The DynamicArm is a myoelectrically controlled elbow driven by an electric motor. It allows the user to actively participate in life again after a transhumeral amputation. Grasping and holding objects, being active – all with virtually natural and flowing movement patterns.

  • With electric drive and continuous, electronically controlled Vario-gear.
  • The component is controlled entirely by myoelectric signals. This allows the user to control the hand, rotation of the wrist joint and flexion of the elbow.
  • The high lifting and holding force sets new standards for transhumeral prostheses.
  • Control is natural and sensitive. The user can position the transhumeral prosthesis precisely and quickly.
  • The DynamicArm has a low noise level with no background noises during free swing.
  • Its free swing behaviour appears virtually natural.

Product information

Operating temperature 5 °C–40 °C
Flexion angle approx. 15° – 145°
Weight [dependent on forearm length] approx. 1,000 g
Storage and transport temperature in original packaging -25 °C–70 °C
Maximum lifting force 50 N
Power supply Li-Ion battery
Functional Principle Myo Electrics
Product information

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