Reference number 3F1/99B120
Naturally inconspicuous

Gone are the times when you had to put a great deal of effort and manual skill into fabricating prosthesis covers so you could give your customers an inconspicuous appearance while maintaining the functionality of the prosthesis. Gone are the times when prosthesis wearers had to choose between function and appearance. For the first time, the functional cosmesis makes it possible to combine both characteristics. This is a modular prosthesis cover that consists of a durable functional knee part, a functional shank made of foam that can be individually shaped and a concealing functional stocking. The high level of prefabrication simplifies your work processes significantly:

The functional knee part ensures that the effect of the functional cosmesis on knee function is reduced to a minimum. Repairs in the knee region like those typically required for fittings with a standard foam cosmetic cover are no longer required. The inner functional shank is designed to precisely fit the contour of the C-Leg 4 or Genium. This means it can be easily applied or removed and fits firmly to the joint during milling.

Your customers benefit, as the functional cosmesis is highly suitable for every day use while remaining inconspicuous. Using a rotation adapter and kneeling down, for example, don't present any issues. The functional stocking is easy to care for and machine-washable – resulting in enhanced hygiene for your customers and you.

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