3C60 Kenevo
Reference number 3C60
Max. user weight 125kg
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Reclaim your sense of security

The Kenevo is the first mechatronic knee joint specifically designed for prosthetic users of Mobility Grades 1 and 2. It provides unparalleled support and safety for the wearer via the latest technology available.

  • Real-time adaption to changes in walking characteristics and environmental conditions via the latest sensor technology.
  • Smaller and lighter (920g) than any other previously available mechatronic knee from Ottobock.
  • 3 specific Modes to cater for the entire functional range of Mobility Grades 1 and 2, easily adjusted via the software as a user progresses. An ideal tool for rehabilitation or for those who fluctuate in function.
  • Highly accurate determination of stance phase and stance release, ensuring improved safety and stability.
  • Supported sitting and standing features.
  • Specific wheelchair function.
  • Enhanced stumble recovery throughout the entirety of swing phase, providing additional safety.

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Inductive charging unit
Inductive charging unit

The inductive battery charger is magnetically attached to the back of the knee joint – easy charging is therefore possible.

Carbon fibre frame
Carbon fibre frame

In order to withstand the varied demands of everyday life, the frame is made of carbon – an especially strong, high-grade and lightweight material.

Rechargeable battery and knee angle sensor
Rechargeable battery and knee angle sensor

A rechargeable battery provides the energy required to control the joint. The knee angle sensor provides important information to precisely determine the forces acting on the prosthesis.

Inertial motion unit (IMU) and electronics
Inertial motion unit (IMU) and electronics

A gyroscope and acceleration sensors help to determine the position and acceleration in space. A microprocessor receives the signals and controls the motion of the joint in real time. This is an important prerequisite for a high level of safety and for adapting to the skills of the prosthesis user.


Integrated Bluetooth® permits straightforward communication with the knee joint. An LED indicates an existing connection.

AXON tube adapter
AXON tube adapter

Additional sensors are integrated into the tube adapter. Besides the ankle moment, these measure the axial force acting on the joint.

Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic unit

The hydraulic unit is controlled by the microprocessor. It generates motion resistances, allowing adaptation to the individual needs of the user.

Product information

Technical data

The following data refers to the 3C60 and 3C60=ST joints.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG1,
Frame material Carbon
Max. knee flexion angle 124°
Minimum distal system height with 2R17 AXON tube adapter 270 mm
Maximum distal system height with 2R17 AXON tube adapter 490 mm
Max. user weight 125kg
Battery capacity 1 day
Adjustable activity modes 3
Moisture protection IP22 – protection against dripping water
Feature Knee joint,
Basic functions,
Activity modes,
Stumble recovery plus,
Supported sitting down and standing up,
Wheelchair function
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Recommended feet 1C10,
Product versions
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Threaded connector
Weight 915 g 920 g

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