Reference number 3B1-2
Max. user weight 125 kg or more
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Freedom in everyday life

The launch of the Genium - Bionic Prosthetic System in 2011 was a breakthrough in the field of knee prosthetics, For the first time, a virtually natural replication of the physiological human gait was possible with a leg prosthesis system. And if offered previously unimaginable possibilities, even when walking backwards and taking stairs step-over-step. For independence in everyday life and beyond. With the Genium, the user's movements are more natural than ever before.

In recent years, technicians and users around the would have gained valuable experience with the Genium. The acquired knowledge continually influenced the system's further development. Among other features, we upgraded the proven OPG function (optimised physiological gait)- to make walking even more intuitive, more natural. We integrated functions which make everyday life easier for bilateral amputees in particular. With the new Cockpit app, the prosthesis can be conveniently controlled using a smartphone.

  • Real-time adjustment to changes in walking speeds and terrain.
  • Precise and repeatable swing flexion angle, contributing to user safety and comfort.
  • 5 MyModes, individually customised to their user.
  • Two available stance functions.
  • Walk-to-run function.
  • Stairs and obstacles function.
  • User friendly Cockpit App., providing access to extended features.
  • Easy-to-use inductive charging.
  • Up to 5 days battery capacity.

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Knee moment sensor
Knee moment sensor

The knee moment sensor provides important information for precisely determining the forces acting on the prosthesis.

Carbon fibre frame
Carbon fibre frame

In order to withstand the varied demands of everyday life, the frame is made from carbon – an especially strong, high-grade and lightweight material.

Inductive charging
Inductive charging

The inductive charger is magnetically attached to the back of the knee joint.


Integrated Bluetooth® technology permits straightforward communication with the joint. If necessary, this function can be disabled.

Battery and electronics
Battery and electronics

In the Genium, the battery and electronics are enclosed and protected by the frame. The integrated microprocessor coordinates all measurement and control processes.

Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic unit

The flexion and extension resistances of the joint are controlled independently of one another by two control valves, providing greater accuracy throughout swing phase.

Inertial motion unit (IMU)
Inertial motion unit (IMU)

A gyroscope and acceleration sensors allow the position and speed of the Genium to be determined in real time. An angle sensor determines the flexion angle and flexion angle speed. Control of the prosthesis is based on an analysis of the movements and the force acting on the joint.

Product information

Technical data

The following data refers to the 3B1-2, 3B1-2=ST, 3B1-2=9.2 and 3B1-2=ST-9.2 joints.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Frame material Carbon
Max. knee flexion angle 135° without flexion stop
Minimum distal system height with 2R20/2R21 AXON tube adapter 298 mm / 330 mm
Maximum distal system height with 2R20/2R21 AXON tube adapter 514 mm / 546 mm
Max. user weight 125 kg or more
Battery capacity 5 days
Adjustable modes 5
Moisture protection Weatherproof
Feature Knee joint,
Real-time control,
OPG 2.0 [Optimised physiological gait],
Intuitive and Deliberate Stance,
Stairs and obstacles function,
Walk-to-run for quick pace,
App control,
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Recommended feet 1D35,
Product versions
Colour Volcano shadow Desert pearl Volcano shadow Desert pearl
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter Threaded connector Threaded connector
Weight 1395 g 1395 g 1400 g 1400 g

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