3C98-3 C-Leg 4
Reference number 3C98-3
Max. user weight 136 kg
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Reclaim your determination

No mechatronic knee joint is worn by as many users worldwide as the C-Leg. In 1997, it set a new fitting standard for leg amputations as the world’s first hydraulic leg prosthesis solution to be controlled entirely by a microprocessor. The C-Leg 4 offers users the latest generation of the C-Leg, to provide the proven advantages.

  • Thanks to intelligent technology, the C-Leg adapts to the individual gait pattern.
  • Behind this is a complex sensor system that captures data in real time and recognises which phase of walking the user is in, whether on level ground, on stairs, ramps or slopes
  • Smaller obstacles, complex terrain or large crowds can be mastered thanks to the adapting stance phase resistances.
  • The prosthesis is weatherproof.

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Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic unit

Generates motion resistances for flexion and extension during the stance and swing phase.

Knee angle sensor
Knee angle sensor

Measures the flexion angle and the angular velocity of the joint.

New carbon frame design
New carbon frame design

In order to withstand the varied demands of everyday life, the frame is made from carbon – an especially strong, high-grade and lightweight material. The frame houses and protects the electronics, the hydraulic unit and the battery. Thanks to its new design, the C-Leg 4 now has a lower system height and therefore a larger fitting spectrum.

Battery and electronics
Battery and electronics

A lithium-ion battery provides the energy required to control the knee joint. It is located directly in the rotation axis of the C-Leg. The integrated microprocessor coordinates all measurement and control processes.


Integrated Bluetooth® technology permits straightforward communication with the joint. An existing connection is displayed with an LED. Bluetooth® can be deactivated if necessary.


The receptacle for the charger is located on the back of the joint and protected by a cover.

Inertial motion unit (IMU)
Inertial motion unit (IMU)

A gyroscope and acceleration sensors allow the position and speed of the C-Leg in space to be determined in real time. Control of the prosthesis is based on motion analysis and additional force determination.

Product information

Technical data

The following data refers to the 3C98-3, 3C98-3=9.2, 3C88-3 and 3C88-3=9.2 joints.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Frame material Carbon
Max. knee flexion angle 130° without flexion stop
Minimum distal system height with 2R57/2R67 tube adapter 289 mm / 329 mm
Maximum distal system height with 2R57/2R67 tube adapter 494 mm / 534 mm
Max. user weight 136 kg
Battery capacity At least 16 hours of uninterrupted walking; approx. two days with average use. We recommend charging the product once a day when used by the patient on a daily basis.
Adjustable modes 2
Moisture protection Weatherproof
Feature Knee joint,
Real-time control,
Easy swing phase initiation independent of forefoot load,
Safe backward walking,
Intuitive Stance,
Various walking speeds,
Sitting function,
App control,
Protective Cover in various designs
Type of Knee Microprocessor
Recommended feet 1C60,
Product versions
C-Leg-4 Desert Pearl mit Justierkern
Colour Volcano shadow Desert pearl Volcano shadow Desert pearl
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter Threaded connector Threaded connector
Weight 1,250 g +/- 25 g 1,250 g +/- 25 g 1,255 g +/- 25 g 1,255 g +/- 25 g

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