Reference number 3R92
Max. user weight 125kg
Type of Knee Mechanical
Always on the ball!

The design of the new generation of the 3R92 modular friction brake knee joint has been completely reworked. It stands out for its unique technology with an innovative, load-dependent braking mechanism. A heavier heel load activates the brake. It stabilises the prosthesis and ensures a high level of safety during the entire stance phase. When the forefoot is loaded, the brake mechanism deactivates automatically so the swing phase can be initiated smoothly and easily. Non-physiological lifting of the hip is no longer necessary. The friction brake knee joint with progressive pneumatic swing phase control thereby combines a high level of safety with a smooth gait pattern.

Product information

Activity-Level MG2,
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter
Max. user weight 125kg
Feature Monocentric,
Type of Knee Mechanical