3R80 modular monocentric knee joint with rotary hydraulics
Reference number 3R80
Max. user weight 125 kg or more
Type of Knee Mechanical
A confident step with the right knee joint

This waterproof modular knee joint features a robust, durable design with high-performance, patented rotary hydraulics to control the stance and swing phase for active users. A smooth, dynamic gait pattern is maintained even at changing walking speeds.

  • The high maximum flexion angle of 150° offers extensive freedom of movement.
  • With a maximum body weight of up to 150 kg and an additional threaded connector version for long residual limb fittings, this product will be of interest to a broad group of users.
  • Individual adjustment options are clearly explained in the included quick reference guide.
  • In addition, the user is provided with an easy-to-install extension assist spring, the adjustment tool and a corrosion-resistant tube adapter.

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Manual lock
Manual lock

The manual lock integrated into the upper section improves user safety in wet areas and makes standing for extended periods more comfortable. With a load on the forefoot, the lock can be easily activated/deactivated by moving the small lever on the side down/up.


As identified by the logo on the back, the 3R80 has a waterproof design so it can be used in wet areas, for instance in the shower or at the pool.

Threaded connector
Threaded connector

The available threaded connector enables a better fitting option for users with long transfemoral residual limbs.

Adjustment options
Adjustment options

Optimal adjustment values for stance phase damping and response behaviour are achieved by gradually turning the adjustment rings.

Adjustment options
Adjustment options

The 3R80 offers four adjustment options for stance phase and swing phase control. Flexion and extension resistance can be adjusted easily and independently.

Product information

Technical data

The 3R80 is intended for users with mobility grades 3 and 4 up to a body weight of 150 kg and also meets the requirements of highly active users thanks to its robust design.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG3,
Material Aluminium
Field of application Transfemoral amputation
Distal connection Tube clamp Ø 34 mm
Max. knee flexion angle 150°
Max. user weight 125 kg or more
Scope of delivery 2R57=16-285-WF tube adapter,
More powerful extension assist spring,
Quick reference guide
Feature Extension assist,
Knee disarticulation,
Transfemoral with long residual limb,
Type of Knee Mechanical
Product versions

Available product connection versions for fitting various amputation levels.

Field of application Transfemoral amputation Thigh – long residual limb, knee disarticulation
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Threaded connector
System height 163 mm 179 mm
Proximal system height up to the alignment reference point 28 mm 44 mm
Distal system height up to the alignment reference point 135 mm 135 mm
Weight 1240 g 1255 g

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