3R60 modular EBS knee joint with hydraulic swing phase control
Reference number 3R60
Max. user weight 125kg
Type of Knee Mechanical
The technology for the most natural possible gait pattern

The modular knee joint’s EBS (ergonomically balanced stride) function individually adapts to the weight and activity of the user, ensuring comfortable walking with a high level of safety – including on uneven terrain or inclines. It features a high flexion angle and a virtually natural gait pattern. Further benefits at a glance:

  • During heel strike, the knee can be flexed at an angle up to 15° in a controlled and stabilising manner, similar to the natural version – a unique feature for a mechanical knee joint.
  • This flexion not only results in more comfortable foot placement, but also improves knee safety.
  • High-performance swing phase hydraulics that are straightforward to adjust enable easy initiation of the swing phase, optimum progressive damping for natural movement patterns and comfortable end position damping for a wide range of walking speeds.

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5-axis polycentric unit for stance phase flexion mode and swing phase mode
5-axis polycentric unit for stance phase flexion mode and swing phase mode

The design allows for two different modes of operation: swing phase mode and stance phase flexion mode. It also increases ground clearance in the swing phase.

EBS unit for enhanced comfort and safety
EBS unit for enhanced comfort and safety

The EBS unit (ergonomically balanced stride) consists of a spring-hydraulics combination that can be individually adapted to the user’s weight and activity level for greater comfort and improved everyday safety.

EBS control
EBS control

The pivoting mount serves as a visual control for measuring the efficiency of the EBS (ergonomically balanced stride).

Comfortable swing phase hydraulics
Comfortable swing phase hydraulics

The hydraulic resistances of the swing phase hydraulics are independently adjustable. This supports the easy initiation of the swing phase and enables the user to walk at a wider range of speeds.

Proximal connection versions
Proximal connection versions

All amputation levels can be fitted thanks to individual connectors.

Product information

Technical data

The 3R60 knee joint is intended for users with low to moderate activity levels and can be used to fit all amputation levels thanks to the various connection versions.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Material Aluminium
Max. user weight 125kg
Feature Hemipelvectomy,
Hip disarticulation,
Knee disarticulation,
Transfemoral with long residual limb,
Type of Knee Mechanical
Product versions

Available product connection versions for fitting various amputation levels. Using the specially adapted 3R60=HD version is mandatory for hip disarticulation fittings.

3R60 Kniegelenk
KD Anschluss 3R60
Field of application Transfemoral amputation Hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy Knee disarticulation Transfemoral amputation – long residual limb
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter [angled 10° to anterior] Lamination anchor Threaded connector
Distal connection Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter Pyramid adapter
Max. knee flexion angle 150° 150° 150° 150°
System height 171 mm 174 mm 193 mm 189 mm
Proximal system height up to the alignment reference point -2 mm 1 mm 20 mm 16 mm
Distal system height up to the alignment reference point 173 mm 173 mm 173 mm 173 mm
Weight 845 g 880 g 940 g 845 g


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