Reference number 3R31
Max. user weight 125kg
Type of Knee Mechanical
The first locking knee joint with support for sitting down

The hydraulic unit is the heart of the Prosedo knee joint. It stabilises the user as soon as the lock is released and generates high, progressive flexion damping that supports the user while sitting down.

As the user sits down, their body weight can be distributed almost equally on the sound side and the side with the prosthetic fitting. Flexion damping can be adjusted individually according to the body weight and user requirements. Meanwhile, the user’s extension movement when standing up is not noticeably influenced or hampered by the hydraulics.

  • Unlocking the knee joint is possible even under a partial load.
  • The joint’s design is comparatively slim and lightweight despite the integrated hydraulic unit. These characteristics are especially advantageous in fittings for geriatric users.
  • The main components are made of fibre-reinforced, injection moulded Lionox polyamide.

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Tube clamp
Tube clamp

An aluminium tube adapter with a 30 mm diameter is included in the scope of delivery.

Manual lock
Manual lock

Semi-automatic knee locking function: The pull cable must be pulled to enable flexion of the knee joint. The lock engages automatically at maximum extension. The user can safely release the lock even when the prosthesis is loaded as high hydraulic flexion resistance is applied after unlocking.

Optional unlocking
Optional unlocking

The lock can be optionally unlocked by pressing a release knob underneath the blue cap.

Adjustable hydraulics
Adjustable hydraulics

When the lock is released, the hydraulic unit delivers high, progressive flexion resistance that makes it possible for the user to sit down safely while maintaining their balance. The adjustment to different body weights is straightforward.

Proximal connections
Proximal connections

The Prosedo is available in two proximal connection versions: with a pyramid adapter and with a threaded connector for long residual limb fittings.

Product information

Technical data

The 3R31 Prosedo is particularly suitable for geriatric users at all amputation levels who move about to a limited extent at home, use their prosthesis mainly for transfers and place high value on being able to sit down safely while maintaining their balance.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG1
Material Lionox – glass fibre reinforced injection-moulded plastic
Max. user weight 125kg
Scope of delivery 2R49 tube adapter
Feature Hip disarticulation,
Knee disarticulation,
Transfemoral with long residual limb,
Type of Knee Mechanical
Product versions

Available product connection versions for fitting various amputation levels.

3R31 Variantenbild.jpg
3R31=ST Variantenbild.jpg
Field of application Hip disarticulation, hemipelvectomy, transfemoral amputation Thigh – long residual limb, knee disarticulation
Proximal connection Pyramid adapter Threaded connector
Distal connection Tube clamp Ø 30 mm Tube clamp Ø 30 mm
Max. knee flexion angle 145° 145°
System height 102 mm 115 mm
Proximal system height up to the alignment reference point 3 mm 16 mm
Distal system height up to the alignment reference point 99 mm 99 mm
Weight 595 g 590 g
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