Reference number 7E9
User Weight Capacity 125kg
Type of Hip Mechanic
Durable and flexible

Users with a hip disarticulation or hemipelvectomy value the benefits offered by the 7E9 hip joint in everyday life. During the stance and swing phase, the movement of the joint is controlled by high-performance linear hydraulics.This allows for dampened, controlled heel strike in the stance phase with significantly reduced hyperlordosis as well as smooth extension of the hip joint. Controlled and smooth rollover on the prosthesis under full load becomes possible. It makes a comfortable, natural sitting position possible thanks to its low structural height when seated.

Additional benefits:

  • High maximum user weight of 125 kg
  • Large flexion angle for enhanced freedom of movement
  • Low weight: 695 g
  • Compact design 
  • Can be combined with both mechatronic and mechanical knee joints  

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Comfortable sitting thanks to low structural height
Joint design enables comfortable sitting

The compact joint design ensures optimal sitting characteristics and reduces pelvic obliquity to a minimum. The large flexion angle makes everyday situations easier, such as putting on shoes or getting into a car.

Hydraulic control of the entire gait cycle
Hydraulic control of the entire gait cycle

The powerful linear hydraulic system controls the movement of the joint in both the stance and swing phase, resulting in an approximation of the natural gait pattern.

Easy adjustments
Easy adjustments

The movement resistances in the stance phase and swing phase can be adjusted individually and separately using the supplied tools.

Product information

Technical data

The 7E9 hip joint is flexible with regard to component combinations. What’s more, the body weight limit is 125 kg. This makes it suitable for users with a hip disarticulation or hemipelvectomy, who have a low to moderate activity level.

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Material Aluminium
Proximal connection Lamination plate
Distal connection Pyramid adapter
Flexion angle 130°
System height 82 mm
Weight 695 g
User Weight Capacity 125kg
Feature Hydraulic,
Type of Hip Mechanic