Reference number 1C40
User Weight Capacity 100 kg
Energy and comfort for every day

The 1C40 C-Walk is designed for users who want a prosthetic foot with multi-axial mobility, flexible shock absorption at heel strike and comfortable walking uphill and on inclines. It is suitable for users in mobility grades 3–4 with a body weight of up to 100 kg.

  • The functional properties are determined by the carbon Spring Elements and the control ring – their interplay results in a smooth and efficient movement pattern.
  • Prosthesis wearers can feel the positive range of motion that begins with the cushioned heel strike and ends with the dynamic initiation of the swing phase, the multi-axial flexibility and compensation for uneven walking surfaces.
  • Thanks to the progressive spring characteristics, the effect changes only slightly under different loads.

Product information

Activity-Level MG3,
User Weight Capacity 100 kg