1C11 Terion K2 prosthetic foot
Reference number 1C11
Type of foot Mechanic
User Weight Capacity 75 kg,
100 kg,
125 kg,
125 kg or more
Confidence in every step

The Terion K2 is both lightweight and stable. This prosthetic foot supports users with low to moderate mobility levels and provides them with enhanced safety for mastering everyday activities both indoors and outdoors.

  • The low-cut footshell provides the O&P professional with easy access to the adjustment screws.
  • The robust design is resistant to dirt, dust and splashed water.
  • Alignment markings on the footshell and connection cap facilitate bench alignment.
  • Universal application options thanks to the low structural height and an approved maximum user weight of 175 kg.

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Aluminium adapter
Aluminium adapter

The adapter is lightweight and robust.

Heel foam with notch
Heel foam

The functional foam base allows for a safe and comfortable heel strike. The user benefits from a controlled, smooth rollover.

Carbon and fibreglass forefoot spring split into two segments
Carbon fibre forefoot spring

Split into two segments, the forefoot spring offers good flexibility and energy return. In addition, the split forefoot spring provides good stability when walking and standing – including on uneven surfaces.

Product information

Technical data

The foot is suitable for users with a transfemoral or transtibial amputation, knee disarticulation or hip disarticulation, who exhibit a comparatively low movement profile. (*  Technical data refer to size 26 cm)

Mobis level
Activity-Level MG1,
Sizes 22–30 cm
Footshell Slim version with 10 mm heel height [22–23 cm], normal footshell with 10 mm heel height [24–30 cm]
Weight without footshell* 325 g
Weight with footshell* 573 g
System height with normal footshell* 46 mm
Structural height with normal footshell* 64 mm
Recommended knee components 3C60, 3R120, 3R62, 3R93
Type of foot Mechanic
Feature Carbon
User Weight Capacity 75 kg,
100 kg,
125 kg,
125 kg or more
Stiffness chart

The stiffness version is selected according to body weight and foot size.

1C11 Terion K2 Prothesenfuß
22–23 cm
1C11 Terion K2 Prothesenfuß
24–25 cm
1C11 Terion K2 Prothesenfuß
26–28 cm
1C11 Terion K2 Prothesenfuß
29–30 cm
up to 55 kg 1 1 2
56–75 kg 2 2 2 3
76–100 kg 3 3 3 3
101–125 kg 4 4 4
126–150 kg 5 5 5
151–175 kg 6 6

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