Reference number 1B1
Type of foot Microprocessor controlled
User Weight Capacity 100 kg
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Based closely on the natural human anatomy, the Meridium mechatronic prosthetic foot is movable not only in the ankle area, but also in the midfoot and toe region thanks to its additional axes. 

  • The polyaxial construction and real-time control, along with a large range of motion, form the basis for the near-natural replication of the human foot.
  • The Meridium recognises the respective slope of the ground and adjusts itself to the new situation in real time.
  • Complex movement patterns such as walking down stairs are easier and more stable thanks to intelligent adaptation.
  • The relief function automatically lowers the forefoot to the floor when the user is sitting, providing a comfortable, more natural foot position.
  • Automatic heel height adjustment from 0 to 5 cm allowing shoes to be changed easily.
  • Thanks to a convenient app for Android devices, the user can easily adjust the Meridium foot using a smartphone.

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The hydraulics control the plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the foot independently of one another, thereby uniting flexibility and stability.

4-axis kinematics
4-axis kinematics

The 4-axis kinematics enable especially good adaptation to natural movements while walking. Four axles flexibly connect the toe plate, foot and ankle with one another.

Ankle spring
Ankle spring

Layers of extremely stable and ultra-light carbon fibre laminate connect the hydraulics in the foot with the pyramid adapter and enclose the electronics and battery in the ankle.

Electronics and battery
Electronics and battery

The battery and electronics are protected within the ankle area. The integrated microprocessor processes the sensor data and controls the hydraulics in real time.

3D position, angle and moment sensor
IMU, angle and moment sensor

Movements and forces that occur are recorded by the IMU (inertial motion unit), angle and moment sensors. They provide important information to the microprocessor regarding the user’s situation and gait pattern in order to adapt the Meridium accordingly. This enables the differentiation between standing and walking on level ground as well as on stairs and ramps and the activation of the energy-saving functions, e.g. when sitting.

Frame and heel spring
Frame and heel spring

The frame and heel spring made from carbon fibre stand out for their high stability and stiffness and also help to protect the hydraulics. The heel spring dampens the step at heel strike.

Toe plate
Toe plate

The toe plate, which is made from aluminium with an abducted big toe, forms the link between the carbon frame and the frontal pivot point of the hydraulics. Due to its mobility, very good ground contact is guaranteed during rollover.

Product information

Technical data
Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Amputation level TT, KD, TF
Sizes 24–29 cm
Weight [with footshell] 1250–1550 g
System height 132–145 mm
Structural height 166–178 mm
Heel height 0–50 mm
Range of motion 36.5° [22° PF, 14.5° DF] with size 27
Battery capacity 1 day
Type of foot Microprocessor controlled
Feature Hydraulic foot with 4-axis kinematics,
Relief function,
Intuitive Stance,
Stair function
User Weight Capacity 100 kg
Adjustable modes 3 MyModes

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