Reference number 1B1-2
Type of foot Microprocessor controlled
User Weight Capacity 125 kg
Reclaim your way

Based closely on the natural human anatomy, the Meridium mechatronic prosthetic foot is movable not only in the ankle area, but also in the midfoot and toe region thanks to its additional axes. 

  • Near-natural replication of the human foot thanks to polyaxial construction and extensive range of motion
  • Automatically adapts to slopes and uneven surfaces in real time
  • Intuitive Stance permits stable standing on level ground – and even on slopes
  • Reduced risk of stumbling and falling thanks to increased ground clearance in the swing phase
  • Lets user descend stairs safely with full-foot contact
  • Relief function provides a comfortable, more natural foot position when the user is sitting
  • Automatic heel height adjustment from 0–5 cm makes it easy to change shoes

Product information

Technical data
Mobis level
Activity-Level MG2,
Amputation level TT, KD, TF
Sizes 24–29 cm
Weight [with footshell] 1275–1555 g
System height 132–145 mm
Structural height 150–163 mm
Heel height 0–50 mm
Range of motion 36.5° [22° PF, 14.5° DF] with size 27
Battery capacity 1 day
Type of foot Microprocessor controlled
Feature Hydraulic foot with 4-axis kinematics,
Relief function,
Intuitive Stance,
Stair function
User Weight Capacity 125 kg
Adjustable modes 3 MyModes

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