C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system

Reference number 17KO1000=0_B
Function Stance and Swing Phase Control Orthosis
Taking you further.

The new C-Brace® offers entirely new possibilities for both technicians and users: flexion under load, negotiating slopes, walking over uneven terrain or going down stairs step-over-step. It is also smaller, lighter and can be worn under clothing. New sensor technology makes the behaviour more dynamic and sensitive. Plus, the technician can now fabricate the C-Brace® directly. The individual settings for the user are configured using the setup app. Users can easily configure the joint settings using the Cockpit app.

  • Unique SSCO® system (Stance and Swing Phase Control Orthosis)
  • Microprocessor-controlled stance and swing phase
  • Entire gait cycle can be controlled dynamically and in real time
  • System responds quickly to any everyday situation

Product information

Function Stance and Swing Phase Control Orthosis
Indications Unilateral or bilateral lower limb paresis or flaccid paralysis, e.g. due to post-polio syndrome, traumatic paresis including paraplegia.
Physical prerequisites such as muscle status, joint mobility and possible axis deviations are crucial, as they must guarantee proper control of the orthosis.
The user must fulfil the physical and mental requirements for perceiving optical/acoustic signals and/or mechanical vibrations.
The existing muscle strength of the hip extensors and flexors must permit the controlled swing-through of the lower limb (compensation using the torso is possible).
Contraindications Flexion contracture in the knee and/or hip joint > 10°
Varus malposition > 10° or valgus malposition > 10°
Severe spasticity
Leg length discrepancy > 15 cm
Body weight > 125 kg