17B203 E-MAG Active

E-MAG Active
Reference number 17B203
Function Stance Control Orthoses
Mobility with improved safety

The E-MAG Active makes a smoother gait pattern possible for users in the event of paresis or a complete failure of the knee extensor muscles. Many users become more mobile as a result and feel safer. The heart of the orthosis is an electronically controlled system knee joint with a controlled stance phase and free swing-through phase.

  • The PreLock function secures the user’s knee joint even before full, maximum extension is achieved.
  • A sensor system measures the leg position during walking and controls the orthosis joint.
  • The user can benefit from the functionality of the orthosis joint even if they have no function in their ankle.
  • It is suitable for users with a greater need for mobility who were previously unable to obtain an adequate orthotic fitting.
  • Use of the E-MAG Active can prevent contractures and joint damage caused by immobilisation, reduce muscular atrophy and build up existing muscles.
  • It provides relief for the contralateral side and helps the user avoid making compensatory movements.
  • Less energy is required for walking and users benefit from increased mobility.

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Switching mode
Switching mode

This switch allows the user to switch to cycling mode.

PreLock function
PreLock function

The PreLock function secures the knee joint at 15° of flexion and then locks it for the stance phase prior to full extension.

Control electronics
Control electronics

The control electronics process all data and control the knee joint functions.

Medial support
Medial support

With the use of the medial support, the E-MAG Active can be used with a body weight up to 100 kg.

Rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery

The battery can be removed for recharging.

Product information

Indications, features and benefits
Function Stance Control Orthoses
Indications The E-MAG Active was developed for patients who, due to a paresis or a complete failure of the knee extensors, are unable to stabilise their knee without compensatory movements. Safe use of the knee joint system requires certain residual muscle functions or hyperextension of the knee joint. This will ensure safe switching from swing phase to stance phase. The E-MAG Active is approved for a body weight up to 100 kg (with 17B206 medial support). Unilateral use of the joint is possible up to 85 kg, provided there are no non-physiological deviations in the frontal and sagittal planes. Ankle joint function is not required. The E-MAG Active can also be used in case of reduced leg length or with orthoprostheses.
Contraindications Insufficient residual muscle functions to guarantee safe use; lack of knee joint hyperextension
No ability to influence knee joint extension by means of a dorsal stop
More than 15° flexion contracture in the knee joint
Cognitive disorders
Severe spasms that make it impossible to ensure safe functioning
Ischial support
Features & benefits The E-MAG Active is a joint system for custom-made orthoses.
Free selection of the orthosis design in the lower leg-foot area
High degree of safety thanks to coordination of angle and acceleration sensors
The system operates autonomously, regardless of different terrain and surroundings.
It works independently of the ankle joint.
No intrusive electronic components in the lower leg and foot area
Even greater security is provided with the PreLock function, which is already activated at 15°, before the knee joint locks at its full extension.
The scope of delivery includes two batteries (about 5000 steps each).
Self-adjusting software provides straightforward calibration
The first functional test can be made with the E-MAG Active test orthosis.
In addition to the preset 5° flexion angle, a flexion angle of 7.5° is available.
The mechanical (temporary) unlocking function allows additional uses, e.g. cycling.
The noiseless system allows for discreet use.
Sizing chart

The E-MAG Active joint system is supplied in a case with all required components. The case contains the entire matched system including a charger, a battery and the required dummies for aligning an orthosis. The E-MAG Active is approved for a body weight up to 100 kg (when the 17B206* medial support is used). Unilateral use of the joint is possible up to 85 kg, provided there are no non-physiological deviations in the frontal and sagittal planes. Furthermore, the matching bars can be ordered as special accessories.

Flexion angle 7.5° 7.5°
Side left left right right

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