28L100 Cosa Junior

Cosa Junior
Reference number 28L100
Function Hip abduction orthoses
Cosa Junior hip abduction orthosis: inconspicuously effective

The Cosa Junior hip abduction orthosis supports children with neuromuscular diseases. It is specially tailored to very young users and thus designed without a zip. Besides spastic diplegia and hip dysplasia, another area of application is congenital·hip joint subluxation.

The advantages of the Cosa Junior at a glance:

  • It covers the size range from 80 to 116 (corresponds to child sizes 74 to 122 cm).
  • For patients with a scissor gait, the orthosis prevents the knees from crossing.
  • Padding between the legs can reduce hip adduction, which, along with improved torso control, also stabilises the standing and sitting base.
  • Thanks to this orthosis, ambulatory users can use less energy to cover greater distances.
  • In addition, the improved pelvic symmetry and increased freedom of movement for the knees supports a physiological gait.
  • The Cosa Junior is also helpful for wheelchair users, as the orthosis makes additional wheelchair abductors unnecessary: By wearing this orthosis patients gain not only a wider seating position, but also greater freedom for their hands.
  • The orthosis is individually adaptable, soft and low-maintenance.

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Individually positionable straps
Individually positionable straps

The individually adjustable straps stabilise and secure the pads and strengthen the outward position.

Abduction pads
Abduction pads

The abduction pads are fitted inside the extra padding pouches sewn into the trousers above the knee. The pads act as an artificial gap between the knees, thereby facilitating a more stable gait pattern. They can be individually adapted to the needs of the user.

Soft, breathable material
Soft, breathable material

The Cosa Active and the Cosa Junior are made of a stretchable, breathable material which is comfortable to wear and helps minimise perspiration. The trousers are easy to clean and are machine washable at 40 °C. The starter set contains two pairs of trousers and a pair of abductors.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
Function Hip abduction orthoses
Indications Diplegia (spastic),
Hip dysplasia,
Hip joint subluxation (congenital),
Tetraplegia (spastic)
Contraindications Hip joint luxation
How it works The abduction pads ensure a neutral position of the hips and prevent the knee joints from colliding.
The straps position the pads and provide slight exterior rotation of the hip.
Features & benefits Increased mobility through minimisation of scissor gait (more knee freedom, improved gait),
Improved torso control,
More stable base for sitting and standing,
Can be combined with orthoses,
Can be worn day and night,
Easy to adjust,
Easy care, machine washable (in a laundry bag) at 40 °C,
Good patient compliance thanks to a high level of wearer comfort.
Sizing chart
Cosa Junior 28L100
Cosa Junior 28L100
Cosa Junior 28L100
Cosa Junior 28L100
Size 104 116 80 92
Standard sizing 104 116 80 92
Body height in cm  98–110 110–122 74–86 86–98
Hip circumference in cm 62–64 64–68 57–59 59–62
Pad number 2 2 1 1
Thigh circumference in cm 32–36 32–36 26–32 26–32
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