28U24 WalkOn Reaction

WalkOn Reaction
Reference number 28U24
Function Prefabricated ankle foot orthoses
Dynamic appearance

The WalkOn Reaction is part of the WalkOn product range. This range of orthoses allows a great variety of patient needs to be met. A variety of conditions and degrees of paralysis in the lower limb can be treated. Patients with permanent dorsiflexor weakness may benefit from the dynamic behaviour of these orthoses. 

  • This orthosis is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for patients with a high level of activity who need support for knee extension or flexion in the mid-stance phase and during toe-off or heel strike.
  • The WalkOn Reaction helps lift the foot during the swing phase, so that the gait becomes safer and the risk of stumbling and falling is reduced.
  • It uses ground reaction forces to influence the knee and ankle joint.
  • Furthermore, it supports the user in the frontal and sagittal planes through its significantly elongated frontal element.
  • This provides effective support, especially for patients with plantar flexor weakness.
  • With its energy-return properties, the composite material (carbon fibre prepreg materials) effectively supports a physiological gait, even with different loads.
  • The anatomical design, the medial element in the longitudinal arch and the interior spring element allow an unobtrusive appearance with a high degree of functionality.
  • The pads are washable.

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Foot component
Foot component

The foot component ensures that the user can flexibly roll over his or her foot while walking.

Frontal support element
Frontal support element

Thanks to its frontal support element, the WalkOn Reaction not only lifts the foot, but also supports the knee joint.

Interior spring
Interior spring

Thanks to the spring based in the arch of the foot, the WalkOn Reaction stores energy during heel strike and releases it again during the rollover movement. It features a high energy return.

Lower leg shell with shin pad
Lower leg shell with shin pad

The shin pad is located on the lower leg shell. It is made of Outlast® temperature-regulating material and can be easily applied to the leg with a hook and loop closure. The user benefits from improved hygiene and a high level of comfort.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features and benefits
Function Prefabricated ankle foot orthoses
Indications The WalkOn Reaction supports patients with dorsiflexor weakness with no or slight-to-moderate spasticity. It can also be used for slight impairment of the plantar flexion muscles, for foot deformities that can be corrected with insoles and a lateral support element and for slight impairment of knee extension (for example constant fatigue of the knee extensors during long periods of standing or walking). The indication frequently occurs after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular atrophy or peroneal paralysis. The WalkOn Reaction is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for patients with a high level of activity who need support for knee extension or flexion in the mid-stance phase and during toe-off or heel strike. The frontal support element allows it to effectively influence the knee with the help of ground reaction forces. The support element is noticeably longer than in the other WalkOn orthoses, making it possible to exert greater influence on deviations of the frontal axes in the knee and ankle joint.
How it works Promotes a largely symmetrical and fluid physiological gait with, depending on what is needed, support for knee extension and flexion,
The energy return supports toe-off and heel strike, thus reducing compensatory movements such as hip hike,
Supports dorsiflexion (ground clearance),
Prevents uncontrolled foot contact and foot slap during heel strike and supports knee extension during toe-off,
When standing, the alignment of the orthosis influences the statics in the frontal and sagittal plane,
In conjunction with the lateral pronation strap, it is possible to reduce varus deviation of the foot and ankle and supination of the forefoot. This should always be supported by a corrective insole.
Features & benefits Highly dynamic properties (use of ground reaction force),
Proven high durability,
Carbon fibre prepreg material for high energy return,
Shin pad made of temperature-regulating Outlast® padding for improved skin hygiene and wearer comfort,
High level of wearer comfort due to the low weight, open heel and anatomically designed frontal support element,
Pads and closures are combined: in other words, all fabric parts can be washed and replaced,
Slim, discreet design (no orthosis in the lateral area of the ankle),
Asymmetrical design promotes easy, intuitive handling,
Sole can be trimmed to size,
28Z10 lateral pronation strap for correcting instability in the foot and ankle area included in the scope of delivery
Sizing chart

Order no.: Article number=side & shoe size | Example for ordering: 28U24=L45–48

WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
WalkOn Reaction
Overall height 33.3 cm 35.5 cm 37.7 cm 40 cm 33.3 cm 35.5 cm 37.7 cm 40 cm
Shoe size 36–39 39–42 42–45 45–48 36–39 39–42 42–45 45–48
Side left left left left right right right right


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