17PA1-WR CarbonIQ ankle joint

Reference number 17PA1-WR
Function Free motion ankle jonts
Waterproof CarbonIQ ankle joint

Waterproof walking aids are essential devices for orthosis wearers, both for everyday personal hygiene and to participate in healthy activities such as water aerobics. The Aqualine orthosis system, which consists of the waterproof versions of the CarbonIQ knee and ankle joints, lets users spend time in chlorinated and salt water as well.

The Aqualine orthosis system is also available in a children’s version so that children can also take swimming lessons just like their peers, participate in water aerobics if necessary or shower independently.

A proven high-performance plastic was reinforced with carbon fibres for this joint system. In addition to its stability and low weight, this material mix is also characterised by its resistance to corrosion. Thanks to the different combinations of stop, spring and spring stop, the 17PA1-WR ankle joint can be adjusted to each individual user’s needs.

However, the Aqualine orthosis system consists of many more components than just the joints. All components are designed for the special conditions of wet areas down to the details and offer the greatest possible safety along with freedom of movement. Further information can be found in our brochure in the download area.

Product information

Features & benefits
Function Free motion ankle jonts
Recommended Fabrication Technique Prepeg Technique,
Thermoplastic Technique,
Lamination Resin Technique
Features & benefits The material combination (carbon-fibre-reinforced high-performance plastic) offers corrosion resistance and permits use in chlorinated water or salt water,
Carbon ankle joint for a low weight,
Nine different adjustment and combination options allow custom adaptation of the strength and angle,
20 mm splint width for adults, 14 mm splint width for children
QU Pair Pair
Max. body weight 45 kg 100 kg


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