50P13 Manu Sensa

Reference number 50P13
Stabilises the wrist

The integrated plastic splint keeps the hand in an anatomically correct position and restricts wrist movement. The continuous pressure massage is strongest in the wrist area. It is significantly reduced in the remainder of the hand and forearm areas. Combined with the open-mesh section around the sensitive wrist bone, these compression zones ensure that the support offers a wrinkle-free fit and a high level of wearer comfort. The optional elastic wrist strap can be used to further stabilise the wrist. The Manu Sensa active support features an attractive design and especially high level of wearer comfort. The three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric and anatomically adapted compression zones ensure an especially good fit.

Product information

Indications Irritation
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Feeling of instability/ligament instability
Lateral ligament tear (rupture)
Lateral ligament ruptures