50R230 Smartspine TLSO

Reference number 50R230
Easy handling and maximum compression

The Smartspine TLSO actively straightens the thoracic spine and stabilises the muscles in patients with thoracic back pain. It relieves the thoracic and lumbar spine while increasing intra-abdominal pressure and providing a high level of external stabilisation. It promotes sensorimotor function and can relieve pain.

  • The “Mechanical Advantage Pulley System” is an outstanding way to achieve maximum compression, resulting in enhanced comfort and better patient compliance
  • Three compression ratios are available: 6 to 1, 5 to 1 and 3 to 1
  • The one-hand pulley system compresses and enables optimum adaptation to the individual patient anatomy

Product information

Indications Thoracic back pain
Thoracic kyphosis without fused vertebrae
Scheuermann’s disease
Stable compression fractures of the thoracic spine without neurological deficits
Severe degeneration of the thoracic spine/lumbar spine
Stable vertebral body fractures of the lumbar spine/lower thoracic spine
Severe disc degeneration in the thoracic spine/lumbar spine
Facet syndrome of the thoracic spine
How it works Straightens the thoracic spine and activates muscular stabilisation
Promotes sensorimotor function
Relieves the thoracic and lumbar spine via active straightening while simultaneously increasing intra-abdominal pressure and external stabilisation
Helps relieve pain
Features & benefits Maximises abdominal compression with minimal tensile force
Compresses and conforms to the individual patient anatomy
For improved patient compliance
Quick and easy adjustment
Relief for the spine
Degree of stabilisation can be adjusted in two stages

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