28R14 Hyperextension brace

Hyperextension brace
Reference number 28R14
Relief for stable vertebral body fractures

The 28R14 hyperextension brace is used for the therapy of stable vertebral body fractures of the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine. Using a three-point principle, pads in the area of the thoracolumbar transition as well as in the sternal and symphysis region straighten the spine in the sagittal plane.

Further benefits at a glance:

  • Relieves the ventral segments of the vertebral bodies
  • Allows the user to continue to tilt and rotate the torso
  • The height of the pads can be freely adjusted – and thus fixed in place individually.
  • Easy to put on and take off with user-friendly ratchet closures

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Foam coated aluminium pads
Foam coated aluminium pads

High level of wearer comfort

User-friendly ratchet closure
User-friendly ratchet closure

Easy for patient to put on and take off

Height-adjustable symphysis and sternal pad
Height-adjustable symphysis and sternal pad

Can be quickly and continuously adjusted to the individual anatomical situation

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
Indications Stable vertebral body fractures (Th10 through L2) without neurological deficits,
Osteoporosis of the spine
How it works Reclines the spine at the thoracolumbar transition,
Relieves the ventral segments of the vertebral bodies
Features & benefits Individual adaptation of the circumference and height,
High level of wearer comfort; height-adjustable sternal and symphysis pad,
Optimum and straightforward adaptation
Sizing chart

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Size S M L XL
Waist circumference [cm] 60–75 75–90 90–105 105–115

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