50R54 Lumbo Direxa Stable

Lumbo Direxa Stable
Reference number 50R54
Great stabilisation and relief of the lumbar spine

The Lumbo Direxa Stable provides a high degree of stabilisation and relieves the lumbar spine.

Benefits at a glance:

  • An integrated massaging pad helps stimulate circulation and muscle function and can relieve tension and pain
  • The stiffness can be controlled using elastic straps
  • Individually adjustable compression
  • High stability thanks to four integrated metal rods and two coil springs
  • Easy to apply using ergonomic hand loops

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Stabilisation rods
Stabilisation rods

Four mouldable metal rods and two coil springs can be optimally adapted to the anatomical conditions and provide the required support for the lumbar spine.

Elastic straps
Elastic straps

The three elastic straps are individually adjustable for optimal compression and thus allow a high degree of stability of the spine.

Dorsal height
Dorsal height

The dorsal height (back height) of the Lumbo Direxa Stable is 28 cm and therefore provides the required support in the area of the lumbar and thoracic spine.


The massaging pad on the interior stimulates microcirculation.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features and benefits
Indications Lower back pain,
Lumbar sciatica,
Ligamentosis of the lumbar spine,
Muscular imbalances of the lumbar spine,
Degenerative changes of the lumbar spine,
Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine,
Facet joint syndrome of the lumbar spine,
Intervertebral disk protrusion from L3 to S1,
Intervertebral disk prolapse from L3 to S1,
Discectomy from L3 to S1,
Spondylodesis from L3 to S1,
Traumatic or osteoporosis fractures from L3 to S1,
Osteoporosis from L3 to S1,
Irritation of the sacroiliac joint
How it works Supports sensorimotor function and activates muscular stabilisation,
Relieves the lower thoracic and lumbar spine,
Reduces lordosis of the lumbar spine,
Improves circulation,
Promotes muscle activity,
Can relieve pain
Features & benefits 28 cm dorsal height,
Supports both the lumbar spine and the lower thoracic spine,
Breathable, skin-friendly material,
High level of wearer comfort,
Four mouldable metal rods and two coil springs,
Optimum adaptation to anatomical conditions,
Individually adjustable compression with three elastic straps,
High stability on the spine,
Pad set included in scope of delivery,
Friction massage stimulates microcirculation
Sizing chart

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Lumbo Direxa Stable
Lumbo Direxa Stable
Lumbo Direxa Stable
Lumbo Direxa Stable
Lumbo Direxa Stable
Lumbo Direxa Stable
Body circumference in cm [approx. 2 cm above the iliac crest] 70–80 80–90 90–100 100–110 110–120 120–130

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