50R40 Lumbo Carezza

Reference number 50R40
Comfortable relief for the lumbar spine

The Lumbo Carezza is suitable for treating mild to moderate lumbago, sciatica and degeneration of the lumbar spine, among other indications. The brace provides relief in the corresponding region and alleviates pain.

  • Four integrated plastic rods offer light support
  • Breathable, skin-friendly material keeps the skin dry, so the brace can also be worn for longer periods of time
  • A pad that can be ordered separately promotes circulation and muscle function
  • The brace is easy to handle thanks to the closure with ergonomic hand loops

Product information

Indications Lumbago
Lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica)
Ligament sprain in the lumbar spine
Muscular imbalances of the lumbar spine
Degenerative changes in the lumbar spine
Spondylarthrosis of the lumbar spine
Facet syndrome
Osteochondrosis of the lumbar vertebrae
Irritation of the sacroiliac joint
How it works Supports sensorimotor function and activates muscular stabilisation.
Relieves the lumbar spine.
Promotes muscle activity.
Can relieve pain.
Features & benefits 24 cm dorsal height
Targeted support for the lumbar spine
Breathable material
Four auto-adaptive plastic stabilisation rods
Optimum adaptation to anatomical conditions and light stabilisation
Anatomical fit
Optimum fit, no pressure or slipping
Closure with ergonomic hand loops
Easy to put on and take off
Can be used with 29R343 pad set
Optional friction massage stimulates microcirculation

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