50R300 Dyneva

Reference number 50R300
Dynamically counteracts incorrect weight bearing

The Dyneva works during movement, allowing users to continue their everyday activities. It has a significant influence on kinematics, both lumbar and thoracic. Tension, incorrect weight bearing and inflammatory processes often affect the functionality of the spine. This is where the Dyneva comes in:

  • Thanks to its patented spring, the brace has the following effect: It  can help reduce motion segment and facet joint compression caused by muscle strength where possible
  • The Dyneva also supports the widening of the spinal canal. This is proven to help the user walk longer distances.

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Easy adjustment of the abdominal strap
Easy adjustment of the abdominal strap

The abdominal strap can be adapted to any girth by simply removing or adding the textile elements.

Open back design
Open back design

The open frame design stands for high patient compliance – no sweating in summer weather or when moving about.

Patented dynamic spring mechanism
Patented dynamic spring mechanism

The classic three-point principle in combination with the dynamic spring and the lumbar frame design generate a torque that reduces lordosis during movement and thus has a straightening effect in action. The spring allows correction of the segment positions in the frontal and sagittal plane and can reduce pain and increase mobility.

Moveable shoulder pads
Moveable shoulder pads

The shoulder pads can be moved horizontally for perfect positioning and the optimal functionality that comes with it.

Custom tension thanks to easily moveable belts
Custom tension thanks to easily moveable belts

The tension belts can be easily customised by shortening them with scissors. The tension of the spring can be adjusted by simply moving the straps. However, the angle of the spring should never exceed 20°.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
Indications With pain syndromes of the lumbar spine caused by,
Lumbar spinal stenosis,
Lumbar facet joint syndrome,
Lumbar radicular syndrome (anterior thigh pain, lumboischialgia),
Lumbar instability (spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis),
Lumbar spondylarthrosis,
Intervertebral disk protrusion or prolapse in the lumbar spine region,
General degenerative changes with reduced intervertebral disc height,
Anterior thigh pain, lumboischialgia, spondylolysis,
Reduced intervertebral disc height in the lumbar spine region
How it works Helps to reduce tonicity of tense muscles in the lumbar spine region,
Dynamically reduces the lordosis of the lumbar spine and has a moderate straightening effect,
Functional correction of the lumbar spine in the frontal plane due to straightening,
Modulates and relieves (decompresses) the lumbar spine area by applying torque via dynamic springs,
Can alleviate pain and increase mobility
Features & benefits Dynamic design:
Support for every movement,
Dynamic lateral springs:
Reduction of muscle frequency,
Open back and lightweight design:
Comfortable to wear under clothing, minimal perspiration in the back area,
Individually adjustable straps:
Straightforward adjustment of spring force to individual needs,
Height-adjustable and mouldable frame, moveable back pads:
Optimum fit for the patient,
Lower frame can be replaced:
Can be adjusted to the individual anatomical situation
Sizing chart

Order no.: Article number=Size | Example for ordering: 50R300=S\nRequired measuring tool: Diameter 743S1=80 or measuring tool 743E10

Width of the torso at the level of the iliac crest [in cm] 30 33 36 39 42 45
Width of the torso in cm [4 cm below the shoulder blades] 27 30 33 36 39 42

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