50R233 Smartspine LSO low

Reference number 50R233
Easy handling and maximum compression

In patients with lumbar back pain, the Smartspine LSO low relieves the lumbar spine by increasing intra-abdominal pressure and providing moderate external stabilisation. It activates muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine, supports sensorimotor function and can relieve pain.

  • The “Mechanical Advantage Pulley System” gives doctors an excellent option for achieving maximum compression, resulting in enhanced comfort and better patient compliance
  • Three compression ratios are available: 6 to 1, 5 to 1 and 3 to 1
  • The one-hand pulley system compresses and enables optimum adaptation to the individual patient anatomy

Product information

Indications Stenosis of the lumbar spine,
Degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs,
Spondylolisthesis of the lumbar spine,
Facet syndrome of the thoracic spine
How it works Promotes sensorimotor function,
Activates muscular stabilisation of the lumbar spine,
Helps relieve pain,
Relieves the lumbar spine by increasing intra-abdominal pressure and providing external stabilisation.
Features & benefits Mechanical Advantage Pulley System,
Provides powerful, easily-controlled compression support for standing and sitting,
One-hand pulley system,
Compresses with minimal pull force and conforms to individual patient anatomy,
Inconspicuous body jacket and pads,
Require minimal pull force and offer excellent wearer comfort,
Shapeable, moulded and contoured back plate fits the natural shape of the lumbar region,
For a perfect fit,
Breathable mesh material,
For better patient compliance and comfort,
Adjustable pull cord,
For ideal positioning and individual adaptation

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