8359 Genu Direxa Stable

Reference number 8359
Effective extension and flexion limitation on the knee

The Genu Direxa Stable is used for knee complaints due to severe ligament laxity and/or severe feelings of instability. This knee brace offers sufficient stability even for users who require temporary or permanent extension or flexion limitation of the knee joint.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Controlled compression
  • High level of wearer comfort thanks to breathable TriTech material
  • Appropriate for long-term use due to soft inner surface of material
  • Open and closed versions available


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Open version
Open version

Whether closed or open – the Genu Direxa knee brace is suitable for many patients. Active people frequently use the closed versions. On the other hand, patients with limited mobility tend to prefer the open versions, which are also easy to put on while lying down.

 Attractive design for high level of compliance
Attractive design for high level of compliance

The brace has a dynamic and sporty appearance. The fashionable black colour combined with red highlights underscore the sporty look. The slim structure and covered joint bars give the brace a harmonious appearance.

Additional elastic straps
Additional elastic straps

The optional, inelastic straps ensure an optimum fit and additional support.

Narrow aluminium splints
Narrow aluminium splints

The covered aluminium splints stabilise the knee and limit movement in flexion and extension.

Click-2-Go system
Click-2-Go system

The Click-2-Go joint systems have reached a new dimension in terms of design and functionality. Extension and flexion limits can be incrementally adjusted without the use of tools.

TriTech material
TriTech material

The innovative material provides compression as well as breathability. The new, particularly soft lining material optimises wearer comfort for long-term use.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features & benefits
Indications Knee pain with severe or complex ligament laxity and/or severe feeling of instability, with the option to limit the range of motion
  • ACL and/or PCL reconstruction,
    Instability of the anterior/posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL),
    Collateral ligament injuries,
    Stabilisation/limitation of movement after meniscus surgery,
    Genu recurvatum,
    Severe and/or complex post-traumatic instability of the knee joint,
    Severe and/or complex degenerative instability of the knee joint,
    Severe instability related to patellofemoral pain syndrome
How it works Improves neuromuscular function with targeted compression,
Relieves, stabilises and supports the knee,
Prevents hyperextension of the knee,
Adjustable to limit the range of motion in extension and flexion (ROM):
Flexion: 0°/10°/20°/30°/45°/60°/75°/90°
Extension: 0°/10°/20°/30°/45°,
Improves proprioception,
Supports sensorimotor function,
Promotes the resorption of oedemas and haematomas,
Can relieve pain
Features & benefits Wide aluminium splints and polycentric joints:
Moderate stability of the knee with movement limitation in extension and flexion,
Click-2-Go system:
Extension and flexion limits easy to adjust without tools,
Innovative TriTech material:
High level of wearer comfort, secure fit,
Open design:
Easy to put on and take off,
Four inelastic, circular, circumferential straps:
Optimum fit and stronger support,
Covered joint bars:
Suitable for contact sports
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
8359 Genu Direxa Stable
Thigh circumference in cm [15 cm above the patella] 36–40 40–44 44–48 48–52 52–56 56–61 61–67
Lower leg circumference in cm [15 cm below the patella] 29–32 32–35 35–38 38–41 41–44 44–48 48–51

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