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Dynamic patellar tracking

With the Patella Pro, Ottobock offers a new solution for anterior knee pain. Thanks to its innovative dynamic realignment technology, the Patella Pro medialises the patella in the relevant flexion range. It is unique in providing functional guidance for the patella for normal, everyday activities. The Patella Pro can be used conservatively as well as in the post-operative phase.

Often, pain is caused by problems associated with patellar tracking. The goal is to reposition the patella so it moves correctly. The risk of maltracking is particularly high at lower flexion angles of 10–30°, when the patella is not tracked firmly in the patellofemoral groove. This is exactly where the Patella Pro comes in and where it guides the patella. The frequently inflamed soft tissue is thereby relieved and knee pain can be alleviated as the joint structures are functionally relieved. Users especially appreciate that this brace is suitable for everyday use.

Its entire scope of features at a glance:

  • The Patella Pro can be adapted once in six easy steps; quick-release closures and donning loops facilitate putting on and taking off the brace.
  • The Patella Pro’s light weight and its breathable textile material make it comfortable to wear.
  • The vector-grip effect largely prevents the brace from slipping.

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Dynamic realignment
Dynamic realignment

The dynamic realignment technology ensures that the patella is guided during flexion and extension, without applying increased pressure during more pronounced flexion.

Material with vector-grip effect
Material with vector-grip effect

The breathable material is roughened or smooth in various areas on the interior. This means the brace does not slip, neither sideways nor up and down.

Quick-release closure
Quick-release closure

To put the brace on and take it off, merely guide the closure into the provided holes and click it in. Three width settings are available, and your physician or technician will choose one for you.

Donning loops
Donning loops

Thanks to the handy donning loops, the brace can be pulled over the knee easily.

Patella opening
Patella opening

Thanks to the patella opening, no pressure is exerted on the sensitive patella.

Hook-and-loop and ratchet closures
Hook-and-loop and ratchet closures

The physician or O&P professional adjusts the brace to the user’s individual needs with practical hook-and-loop and ratchet closures.

Product information

Indications, how it works, features and benefits
Indications Patellofemoral pain syndrome,
Chondropathy patellae,
Chondromalacia patellae,
Patellofemoral malalignment,
Following patellar dislocation/subluxation,
After patellar tendon injury,
Anterior knee pain after knee surgery, (e.g. total knee replacement, lateral release surgery)
How it works Dynamically realigns the patella at the relevant flexion angle,
Reduces patellar lateralisation,
Relieves pressure on the patella,
Improves proprioception,
Supports sensorimotor function,
Promotes the resorption of oedemas and haematomas,
Can relieve pain
Features & benefits Dynamic patellar realignment,
Precise patellar tracking at all relevant flexion angles,
Hook-and-loop/ratchet adjustments,
Highly adaptable to the patient,
Slim splints, inconspicuous and lightweight design,
Very good for wearing under clothing and especially well-suited for everyday use,
Quick-release closures and donning loops,
Easy to put on and take off,
Breathable textile material with unique vector-grip effect,
High level of wearer comfort without slipping,
Initial adaptation in a few steps,
Can be adapted to the patient quickly and easily
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Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Patella Pro
Thigh circumference in cm [15 cm above the patella] 36–40 40–44 44–48 48–52 52–56 56–61 61–65 36–40 40–44 44–48 48–52 52–56 56–61 61–65
Side Left [L] Left [L] Left [L] Left [L] Left [L] Left [L] Left [L] Right [R] Right [R] Right [R] Right [R] Right [R] Right [R] Right [R]
Lower leg circumference in cm [15 cm below the patella] 29–32 32–35 35–38 38–41 41–44 44–48 48–52 29–32 32–35 35–38 38–41 41–44 44–48 48–52